your umbrella cover

May 19, 2009 11:25am CST
Do you use the cover for your umbrella? Do you still even have it? I bought a new umbrella yesterday and it still has the cover on, that has got to be a record amount of time for keeping the cover on. How long does your cover last? Do you use it? Or aer you one of those people that always folds their umbrella up neatly and replaces the cover?
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• India
19 May 09
yes i do that. i fold it up very neatly and push it back in the cover and then a pastic bag and then in my bag. I keep teling my daughter to do it the same way, but she just does listen.
19 May 09
thats good, keep it nice and safe.
• United States
19 May 09
I do usually try to keep the cover. The problem is that while you are using the umbrella, the cover often gets lost! I like to keep the cover because it makes it easier to store the umbrella. You dont have to worry about the folds of cloth getting caught on anything. It also protects the cloth from getting torn. No sense in ruining a good umbrella for no reason! I also think it looks prettier! That is a totally ridiculous reason, but it is the truth! I actually had to use my umbrella this weekend. I was waiting for it to dry out. I will be putting the cover back on it later today when I clean up!
19 May 09
Thats good, it does stop the cloth from getting torn, don't forget to put it back on!