Financial crisis, losing your job... I am lucky to have ...

@cyberfluf (5004)
May 19, 2009 2:50pm CST
... found a new job! I have been able to find a job which has better oppertunities for me. I use my job as an internship aswell for my part-time college studies; therefor it needs to meet certain requirments like the number of hours you are working there, the tasks that you can do, etc. I love my current working place, but it did not have enough possibilities for me for the upcoming two last years of my studies and I got a great offer at another daycarecenter where I am starting a whole new adventure. It feels odd though, I have loved this workplace and now I've got to move on. I had a very happy time there. Even though this is hard for me I feel blessed to have gotten such a beautiful offer, as there are so many people less lucky then me. I hope this post will give people strenght knowing there are oppertunities out there if you try hard and have a good soul. I am not trying to say everyone will succeed; that would be a false promise and I am not a person who likes to make false promises. But I do know that putting in effort will give you bigger chances and that they are indeed still out there. Wishing everyone the best who is looking for a job!
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