Issuance of persona non grat to Ms. Candy Pangilinan in Baguio,Your Opinions.

May 19, 2009 5:47pm CST
Lately when there was a show held t SM Baguio Philippines which caused a great breaking news of this actress whom said she had delivered a joke that was misleading and unintentional.This offended the people of the North that created the issuance of persona non grata. Try to google it on the internet and read all those posts and comments as well as what happened. Now after I have read about the news, and all those posts, I tried to search on the Philippine Constitution about these as a reference. Republic Act 8371 "Indigenous Peoples Rights Act". In this point of view, try to posts your opinion regarding this. I became more aware of my rights as one of the indigenous people of the Philippines. I'm also thankful that this act was approved October 1997. In your country, does this also enacted in your own constitution? I like to hear your views.. Happy mylotting!!!
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