2.2 vtt engine

@Akay11 (11)
May 20, 2009 1:05am CST
hey friends , my cars engined is named as a 2.2 VTT engine . can anyone plz tell me that what does this "2.2 " exactly means or wats its significance???
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@ebook_freak (1511)
• India
20 May 09
Even I didn't know what this thing was. But when i checked the statistics of TATA Dicor, I found the engine you mentioned. I don't know you have heard of TATA Dicor, it's a car in India. Anyway, the thing is simple. It is the fuel displacement. The fuel displace ment of Dicor's engine is 2179 Cc. In physics I think 1000Cc makes up a litre. So hopefully, the 2179 Cc can be written as 2.179L which is rounded off to 2.2L. So you get it? It is the engine 's fuel displacement...
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• India
21 May 09
Wow you remained awake the whole night?? At one o clock? Anyway that's true. I thought telling all the piston stuff. But I wasn't completely sure about it.. Anyway you comment has given both me and Akay11 to learn something extra.
@nsj947 (284)
• India
23 Oct 10
2.2 VTT is not the name of any engine rather it is the specification of engine. 2.2 represents the capacity of the engine, that is your engine capacity or engine displacement volume is 2.2L, that means if your cylinder be filled with a mixture of pressurized air and fuel mixture then your engine can accommodate 2.2L of such mixture. In a VTT engine the movement of cam is controlled by hydraulic pressure, in an ordinary engine cam is moved by the crankshaft.