What happen to Your Life...

@noyida (795)
May 20, 2009 1:43am CST
sometime make you blame God for it. When we are confuse and feeling down thru all those obstacle in life; we sometime blame God for it. Do you feel like I did? What happened recently in my life, make me feel of blaming God for it. I keep thinking why this happened to me? I had been praying and doing my duties as a religious person, but still why God choose me to face this 'music'. Its hard to accept the situation. As if if you swallow, you are in the wrong, and if you throw out, you are still blame for it. Then you start checking the faults and recheck yourself. If there are no fault found, you start to question GOD action. I am guilty to have that feeling towards the Almighty. Nevertheless, I felt sinful to have such toughts and felt helpless. I try to think that there will be a hidden secret to why GOD choose me to face this problem. Eventhough, deep down, I knew, God will only test us to our limit ability to make us strong. Am I wrong to blame GOD for what happen to me? Have you face the same situation of blaming GOD for how your life leads to? Do you feel guilty for questioning the Creator.
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@abbey19 (3129)
• Gold Coast, Australia
21 May 09
It is a human trait to blame God when something bad happens to us - when we lose a loved one is a prime example. But He is not to blame Aidah, and I think you know it. He understands exactly how you are feeling. It's easy to blame God for all the bad things that happen in our lives, but when we sit back and analyze it, we can see that it's all part of life's ups and downs. Sometimes we go through problems that seem too hard to bear at the time, but we usually come out a stronger person in the end, and I know that you will. My prayers are with you dear friend, to resolve this and find some peace.