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@gemini13 (333)
May 20, 2009 1:45am CST
did u know that my lot is not paying anymore for uploading pics,i joined my lot 3 yrs ago ,and it used to count pics uploaded also..anyway..i don't know when it stopped ,when did they change their scheme..i neglected all the notifications but suddenly when i read the program i realized that all the pics i uploaded ..were not even considered poor me.. anyways happy my lotting u all
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• Canada
20 May 09
First, welcome back :) Unfortunately, you are misinformed ~ myLot does pay for pictures that are uploaded into discussions and interests. However, if you have been away for 3 years, one thing that HAS changed is the way that earnings are reported. Discussion and image (photo) earnings are now combined on your earnings page under one heading which is called "participation." Photo earnings used to be reported separately. Please note that you will not be compensated for pics in discussion responses and comments until your user rating is 500. With yours currently being 230 (at the time I'm posting), you can upload pics to your profile, for personal use, but you have a little ways to go before you reach 500 and can add them in the discussions. Here are a few places where myLot provides information on photos and confirms the information I'm quoting... hope these help you :) From http://www.mylot.com/o/images.aspx - "If you’re looking to earn for your photos, there is still a HUGE opportunity to earn. You will be compensated for each photo added to a discussion or to an interest." From http://www.mylot.com/o/faq/faq10.aspx - "Only users with a rating over 500 will be allowed to upload photos into comments and responses."