What's so special about football???

May 20, 2009 2:33am CST
Yes, I am not a football supporter and no, I haven't got a clue about the game. But I don't get it ! Its just a sport but it can make grown people more emotional than anything else I can think of. Suddenly people can cry, or a normally quiet man shouts aggressively at the TV. Why do people get so into it? How do you ' pick' a team to follow and be loyal to even if its not from your locality? Please explain to me , the novice, why a bunch of guys with big thighs running after one ball, getting paid way too much money and talking about football as if it was a matter of life and death attract such a following?
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• United States
22 May 09
lol i hate football it makes men looking like idots running around in spandex after a ball.
@pratik87 (1927)
• India
21 May 09
i am a bit of footballer and one of my favourite sports is football . every aspect of football is wonderful , from dogging to scoring a goal everything is great and yes special too. i m a defender and my position in my team is as mid defender. i just like to play football . i have won the prize for best defender too. i think it teaches us a lot in life and i am happy to have played this sport.
@lelin1123 (15634)
• Puerto Rico
20 May 09
As far as I'm concerned nothing. I can't believe how people get so crazy over a game. All I like about it is when the guy is running to make a touchdown. Otherwise I don't really understand it and I really don't want to. I rather watch baseball my NYYankee.