Does the battery gets damaged if kept charged all the time???

@debu004 (182)
May 20, 2009 5:07am CST
Hello friends, Can anyone clearly tell me whether the battery gets damaged, if it is connected to the charger all the time ??? I have a confusion regarding this topic. I read somewhere that if the charger is connected to the battery all the time then due to overcharging the battery gets damaged whereas at some places I read that there is no such concept that the newly developed Li-ion battery gets overcharged ever. It becomes direct after the battery is completely charged. If anyone has any idea about this topic please let me know. Thanks and Happy Mylotting !!!
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@aikhong (661)
• Malaysia
20 May 09
Hi, i was having this doubt in my mind and i'm looking for the answer for this too. Ya, i've read at somewhere that after the battery has been fully charge, then the charger will stop to direct current into the battery and then our laptop will start operating using the electric source. Are you refering to laptop's battery or handphone battery by the way?haha. Anyway, I think it's the same concept there. However, after charging and used for many times, the battery will start to degrade, and its capacity will reduce too. That's all i know, haha. Thanks for having this discussion. :)
@debu004 (182)
• India
20 May 09
You are welcome buddy. I too know that the life cycle of the battery decreases after every charging, even heat and other factors are responsible for the degradation of the battery life. well i was talking about battery life of the laptop...LOL
• Australia
23 May 09
i have 2 laptops that are always plugged in to mains power. so far ive had no problems. the experts say that a laptop battery has a life of 5000 full charges before it needs replacing. im not sure if thats the case but hey my 2 are still going 1 year later. if your really worried, then maybe you should just remove the battery, when you have it plugged into the mains.( that is if you can, im not sure,)
@wrangel15 (1443)
• Philippines
21 May 09
I have a laptop and it is plugged at the socket everyday. My battery is still still fine so far. I've been using it more than a year already. When the charger is not plugged to the socket I also disconnect my laptop from the charger. I guess the makers are aware of overcharging and may have done something not to damage the laptop batteries from overcharging.
• Philippines
20 May 09
Maybe it depends on the type of battery that you are using. If what you've said above, Li-ion battery doesn't, and they claim that it really cannot be overcharged then, it doesn't..While from some other brand or types, it's best to unplug the charger if the battery is fully charged already. Or, some laptops work even if you put away its battery, just plug the charger in your socket and it'll work just the same.