if you are a student. you will learn more than teacher?

@fwangaa (3058)
May 20, 2009 6:06am CST
now i found teacher are learn more than student. i don't know why students always not have a better score than teacher. i think must be the teacher teach me and thought a lot when teach them. so if you want to have a good score. you must teach others. do you always teach others? or others always teach you? i like to let others to teach me. because i want let others learn a lot from me. what about you?
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@EliteUser (3966)
• Australia
30 Sep 09
Hey, Well I think that it is really hard to learn more than a teacher as you are a student, this is because they have now already learned everything that you are learning at the moment, it will take a lot of time. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
• China
21 May 09
Of course . A teacher should know more than his students . if a theacher know less than his student about his major ,why we need he ? so , you mention that we should teach others it is a way to let us clear our trian of thought,and while theach others we can think more about what we have learned . While you theach somebady something you should have a clear thinking about you question at first. that is what i think about you viewpoint . and i can not agree with you more.
• India
20 May 09
I always felt as a teacher you learn a lot about a topic.Try this out. If you learn any topic and prepare yourself to teach someone, you are also trying to counter the students doubts which ultimately leads to better understanding of the topic. So in my opinion a teacher will always learn and understand more than a student provided the teacher is a proactive one.
@yonkie (440)
• Philippines
20 May 09
When I was still a student, I can do both. My classmates learn something from me and if I have some difficult lessons I also ask from my classmates.
• Malaysia
20 May 09
of course a teacher get more score than students...
@med889 (5952)
20 May 09
I prefer to learn from others and I believe I learn more like this. When I find someone having more knowledge on a specific topic then I prefer to tell him/her that I know very little and like this I learn more with his/her teaching.