Eaten bananas slit half through spiced with salt!

@dhawanbm (3705)
May 20, 2009 11:29am CST
Hey mylotter have you ever eaten that stuff, bananas slit half through vertically and spicing it with rock salt, oh what a taste it gives that robusta bananas!
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• India
22 May 09
Yes, I have eaten fact most fruits taste great with a sprinkling of rock salt on them. You can try it with ripe papayas, guavas and oranges too. I used to have this banana sandwich where I would slice the bananas, butter bread, put the banana slices in between the bread, sprikle some rock salt and it made really good and quick healthy sandwiches.
@UK_Shree (3604)
20 May 09
I have never done this and I am very curious as I do like bananas and the thought of adding a little spice to them does intrigue me. What made you think of doing it in the first place though, as I wouldn't have ever though of doing something like this before!