Piercings Vs Tats

United States
May 20, 2009 12:07pm CST
I like piercings... At every major turning point in my life I have gotten one... A tongue ring when I turned 18, an eyebrow ring when I got divorced, the twins when I turned 25... Now, I only have my tongue done still in, but I find that its easier to hide and now that I've had it almost nine years I would feel weird without it... Like as I type I'm running it over my teeth cause I like the noise in my head... Anyway... My sister gets tats... She has gotten one after the birth of her children, at turning points in her history and on other occasions... For me, the choice to pierce over tats is that I'm fickle, and I don't want to have to pay twice and have it hurt twice to remove something that I have either grown bored of, or grown out of... My question to you is this... Do you prefer piercings over tats and why?
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7 Aug 09
i prefer tattoos over piercings just because they can be so much more expressive of what you have expierenced throughout your life. piercings can be expressive aswell but just not to the same level. piercings only take a minute to do and can be removed but a tattoo takes time and the fact that it cant be lost is symbolic itself that you cant get anything done unless you make it happen
@britt_200 (1227)
• United States
7 Jun 09
piercings. i have 10 piercings, and 1 tattoo. i love them all! piercings are definitely my thing! the tattoo is nice but it hurt so BAD! i wanted to cry so bad! i love piercings and i plan on getting more. but the tattoo. OMG NO! i cant! it was too much pain to ever go through again! i love to get piercings tho!
• United States
21 May 09
I like both. My piercings are more for my own vanity than anything, but the tattoo are symbolic of the people I love. The idea of using piercings or tattoos to make milestones is very fascinating.
@Absinto (2394)
• Portugal
20 May 09
I actually love both. I dont prefer anuyone because i have piercings and i am going to get a tattoo soo i dont really know what to say.
@LRB1111 (356)
• United States
20 May 09
I have a few piercings (eyebrow and labret), and I do enjoy having them because I love expressing myself in artistic ways (what better than to make the body the canvas-but I believe that there is such a thing as too many .. for example.. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3162/2869157848_5316e7c9e5.jpg ...hehe. Plus, playing with the labret with my tongue 'is' a little addicting.. lol I don't think I have a strong personal preference for either, since haven't got around to getting a tattoo yet, but it's on my list of things to do. I definitely want one, but I want it to have meaning. I want to make sure that I get the right tat in the right place so I won't ever change my mind about it. But the 'look' of a piercing just appeals to me more visually-and it fits my eccentric personality. Tattoos are so common and less exciting to me. Piercings are nice because you can always remove them when you need or want to..although I don't agree with the policy of some work environments that don't allow piercings, or force you to remove them (or cover it with a band-aid as one place had me do with my eyebrow because I refused to remove it - yea, like THAT'S not noticeable lol.