job a family man

@willy6 (492)
May 20, 2009 3:26pm CST
Job was a busy man. He was a man of great wealth and responsibility. But his first priority, after his personal relationshp with God, was his family. He rose early in the morning and brought his children before the Lord. He demonstrated his love for his family. He not only provide their physical wellbeing but also by interceding for them at Gods throne of grace. Job was a perfect family man. Job modeled for his family the importance of a spiritual life and how to mantain that relationship with the Lord. And he di it on a regular basis. Our lives are filled with stress and strain. The pressure to provide for the physical needs of our family is great. yet to fulfill our complete responsibility to our loved ones, it is absolutely essential that we model an outstanding spiritual life as well. Without a role model to point the way, our children are at risk to falter in their personal walk with the lord. Let us not provide only a roof over our family head and clothes on their back, these are important. But if you take your spiritual responsibilities also seriously, your spiritual responsibilities also will be important to you. And that what build a good family structure. Let us do what is important to keep our family together, and that is building on the solid rock which is Jesus Christ.
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