Do spend a lot of time on your teeth?

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May 20, 2009 4:51pm CST
I do not know if somewhere I filled out the wrong survey but I just keep seeing this add over top Mylot about having whiter teeth. I do not know about you but looking at teeth is not something I prefer doing. But it makes me wonder if this is very popular among people. I've heard about getting whiteners from your dentist but I never knew it was such a market outside of dentistry. I tried the Colgate things you put over your teeth and their supposed to whiten your teeth but it made me feel like a animal with rabies I was drooling so much. I think they've tried to improve this and I've used Colgate Pro-Health, an all around toothpaste for everything and it was awful, after the third week it gave me the worst feeling like the inside of my teeth were hollow! Thats all I can explain it as, I stopped using it immediately. I've never really been too worried about keeping my teeth white but I would like real straight teeth, if I could afford it. Do those teeth whiteners do more harm then good?
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@harryt123 (327)
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20 May 09
I like my teeth to be clean and white and in order for me to do so I have to take proactive measures such as brushing my teeth daily, gargling and also avoid anything that will stain my teeth such as soda, junk food and also coffee. That is actually another benefit in itself because those are not good for me anyways. I have actually not tried teeth whiteners specifically but I have used whitening tooth paste and the difference is noticeable but one can't do so and forget about it they have to keep up with the routine and make sure they are taking care of their teeth. :)
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21 May 09
yea, i think thats probably safer for me