The way you contact, or message, someone on myLot.

United States
May 20, 2009 9:01pm CST
Hi folks. I started some discussions about how to make money online tonight plus I posted some other discussions and answered a few. I just noticed someones discussion; it was about a money making opportunity. That person said to "add me as a friend". In my discussion posts I said "send me a friend invite". I think that guy had it right. In order to message someone or to get a message from them all you need to do is click their screen name, or myLot ID, and click "add me as a friend" (I'm thinking it says). And you add them as a friend and then you can correspond with them. I posted discussions about some of my good free money making opportunites but I didn't get any responses for some reason. I may have gotten one. I added people as friends but didn't hear back from them. I don't get it. Did I miss anything?
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@fergus (817)
• Ireland
21 May 09
Hi theres three reasons for this No1 the person just loged off. No2 or the person is fedup reading discussions about making money.No3 The person thinks your going to spam them. Just don,t take it to heart mylot is a hang out site people just wan,t to do there own thing if they want to message you they will all the best.