Being booted out of yahoo chat rooms

May 21, 2009 1:30am CST
Hi friends. The first time I joined yahoo chat room it has been very difficult for me. I most popular chat room there were guys who booted me out. I dont know what was going on just I was kicked out of the messenger even they locked my id. I then asked on of my friend and he told me that they can boot me out, but they will be safe because they are on client. I am looking for sources to be king of chat rooms. I am now using some clients like Y!Hook, YaHalite and so on and I also got a booting software, but the problem is that the booter with me is not able to kick out the messing guys who are in client messenger. I am looking for a new and improved verson of booter and a safe client. Most of you will be interested in that so share your experience with me and if u have any suggestions to make. Hope you all will be replaying. Thank you.
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@Rollo1 (16700)
• Boston, Massachusetts
24 May 09
I completely believe in your right to use other chat clients to keep from being booted, but I don't agree with your choice to retaliate by booting. It's the same as bullying and it's childish and silly. Booting is just an online form of beating someone up. As long as people continue to do it in response to being booted, there will be more and more people booting each other and a lot less chatting. What's the point?
@owlwings (44155)
• Cambridge, England
21 May 09
If you can't beat them, join them, eh? I think that people who use software to boot people out of public chat rooms are scum. Chat rooms are a public facility and only admins should have the right (or ability) to say who should be there or not. A private chat room is a different matter, of course. It was mainly because of the cliquishness, shallowness, rudeness and silly attitudes that I encountered in general chat rooms that I stopped using them a long time ago. I moved on, first to the online games like Literati (where one can chat as one plays and tends to meet more motivated, interesting people), then to Yahoo Answers and ended up in MyLot.