have u ever been seriously fooled by ur frnd?

May 21, 2009 3:58am CST
well this is a vast question..i really wana if m d only one who was seriously fooled my frnd.. one year ago..it was night ..i was all alone in my home.... it was 2 in the nite..i was watching TV(i usually dnt sleep wen no one in home).. my landline ringed i felt strange that who is calling at dis time..i recived d call..the voice come.."u r about to die in 1.5 hours"...i said who d hell r u.. he put d phone down.. den my cell rings.."private number calling"..i was shocked dat who is dis.. i attend d call.."89 minutes left..just complete ur works..ur time is gona over".. and i was trying to b strong but i cant i was waiting for another call..this time landline..i picked up very early "complete ur work rather than thinking its a prank".. ..i asked who are you.."i am death"..n phone cut off.. i was very nervous dis tym..so i called my best frnd and after al dis he said he must be "ashish" he was saying such things in college..i got relax..n when he was calling again this time i was fooling him..i acted if i had a heart attack on phone..n put d phone down.. after one hour ashish himself called me..n ask me m fine or not..den i ask how do u knw dat i am nt fine..he was speechless...den he apologise and told me it was just a prank we all were sitting in hostel to just having fun i do dis.. well i was very relaxed and slept before any other call came.. have u ever been fooled by ur frnd like maximun..
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