earn 60cents or 80cents a day with 10$ payout

May 21, 2009 4:34am CST
this is a ptp forum that pay for 3gold=3cents u have only 20post maximum a day so 20post equivalent to 3cents is 60cents plus add the tread ....example u make 3treads a day 1 treads is 4cent so possibly u can get 80 cnet or 70 cnet60cent a day without spending more time i think in that amount u will spend only 2hours or 1 hours depends on ur computer how speed internet connection i will be glad if u join to me the for the link pm me:
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@owlwings (43084)
• Cambridge, England
21 May 09
Please read the Guidelines. The discussion area is NOT the place to promote affiliate programs. Understand what a discussion involves and you will know why.
• Philippines
21 May 09
thnx for advice dude im sorry
@dhawanbm (3705)
• India
24 May 09
zero have you ever got paid on this site only then i will join you there and if its a farce then what!
@netpays (164)
• Pakistan
23 May 09
hi zerocode! first of all be carefull,read the guideline carefully,and you will get know that that the site promotion is prohibited under rules.so never discuss such topics again.i think your discussion with all the comments will remove after some time.
• India
21 May 09
heloo my dear friend i am very interested in earning moneyplease send me the link of the site.