I heard that ice cream is good for health.

@youetme (351)
May 21, 2009 5:03am CST
On newspaper I have read some news about ice cream I am so surprised it is said that ice cream is good for health . Because cold food can make body cool and keep a fit temprature . I like eating ice cream very much but my teeth are not so good for eating it . So I have to resist the tempertation of appitite. It is so bad . I wanna ice cream ......and you?
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@amibotea (168)
• Romania
9 Jul 09
You are right, I didn't knew but I think is good for body, because is a cooling product and those cooling aliments are good for health.
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• China
26 May 09
A good news from the newspaper you have read.I like eating ice cream too.I also keep fit with a ice cream diet.During a month I only eat a cup of ice cream for my supper.And I am so surprised to find that I get thinner in the end of the month.
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• Canada
3 Sep 09
Ice cream has milk in it, making it a dairy product, and dairy products are one of the four food groups along with meet, grains, and vegetables. So in moderation ice cream actually is good for one's health, along with sour cream, cheese, butter, and other dairy products.
@lazeebee (5461)
• Malaysia
21 May 09
Hi Youetme, this sounds good, IF it's true! I love ice-cream, not necessarily sweet, but rich, creamy ice-cream. And it's so nice to eat especially on hot days - I just can't resist the temptation!
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@akifu622 (102)
• China
21 May 09
Yeah,I have seen some news too and it seems quite authentic.The experts say ice cream can function as dairy products,especially for people in Eastern Asia.They also suggest that it be good you have 3 ice cream a day without the risk of getting fat. P.S.I love ice cream too.If the theory is truely proved,we all can acclaim now:D
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@surekharathi (14143)
• India
12 Apr 12
I also surprised after reading your discussion how ice cream good for health I think tonsil problem and other problem can also arise due to it. Daily eating ice cream is not good for health because it has more calories.