do you afraid others say stupid to you?

@fwangaa (3058)
May 21, 2009 9:08pm CST
i really don't want others say stupid to me. even at my work job. i don't know why. even i don't do somethings for my work. i think it is nothing if others say you are stupid. and that not effect your earning for every month. i don't know why i don't want others say me stupid although i really a bit stupid. i don't want others laugh at me. i feel tired if i try to smart to get along with others. there must be a lot of fire with us. but i don't want other laugh at me for my stupid. so i feel tired. do you afaid others say you stupid? if you try to smart , do you feel tired?
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• Indonesia
22 May 09
I personally don't care with what people say about me. The most important thing is I do what I think is right, as long as I don't bother anyone, then I will carry on with what I am doing. I never try to be smart, I AM SMART :) And I never get tired of being a smart person and share my knowledge with anyone in MyLot who is willing to learn something from me.