People Not Working Hard On Their Marriages?

May 21, 2009 9:35pm CST
This is my personal opinion that now days people, I mean younger generation doesn't work hard to make their marriage work. Both the party become too individualistic to make any major compromises.People don't give much time to let the differences cool off and in this process whey seem to be more and more alienated with each other.Every one seem to be jockeying for Happy Marriage with out realizing that you got pay the prize for it in shape of surrendering your ego and yours own comfort zone.
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• India
22 May 09
Yes exactly, in most marriages these days, its more of 'me' and 'ours'. One thing definitely is the fact that women are working more so they are financially independent and cant take any crap from their husbands and another thing is that men, at least in developing economies, have not really evolved well enough to suit a working wife. Most men will still expect their wives to be the perfect wife at home and work outside too! That is where most marriages start breaking. And time is at a premium too...people seldom sit back and enjoy each other's company at home. If they have money they splurge it outside or else they are forever attending some party or conference or something.
• India
22 May 09
Well you really said well, men really failed in adjusting to the new reality of life.They want to have best of both the world, monetary contribution from their wife to make things easy in financial term and at the same time they expect her to be a perfect House Wife.At the same time financial independence also gave women a sense of feeling that they are always right and this also results into less tolerance towards adjustment.
• United States
12 Dec 09
I agree with you, people aren't working hard to keep their marriage together. I don't think it's just the younger generation parents got a divorce after being married for twenty years. They were both in their forties. I have heard of several older couples in my own social circle that got a divorce in their 50s and 60s. I think the main issue is cultural - I move from previous values to those of today. Women are more independent. They do go out and get jobs and work to advance themselves and their careers. It is increasingly so that they put more effort into their jobs than their home-life. I don't believe it is necessarily men's fault either. Women for so long worked to get the freedom to get into the working world and be treated equally as men - but at the expense of traditional gender roles. Both sides don't know how to cope because both sides still have that old picture of their proper roles in their head. Call me old fashioned but I still believe it should be the way it was, granted I like the ability to go to college and get a job if I need to...but I do realize that men and women are inherently different. Women are far more nuturing in general than men, and are the ones that are better suited to raise children. Men are physically tougher and have always been the one to work to support the family. Although I don't have kids, I know that they are a huge responsibility, and I also believe that it is wrong to drop them off at the nearest day care on a day to day basis to earn more disposable income to go out and purchase that $40,000 dollar car or that $30,000 boat. To sum up, people have lost track of their responsibilities in life. You can't count on one person to do it all - everyone has to give of themselves, and people just aren't doing that any more. They are often times more interested in advancing themselves to get that raise, or to get that promotion, that they put their important responsibilities aside - i.e. making the marriage work (whatever effort it may require).