He is turning 3 :(

United States
May 22, 2009 6:10am CST
Monday my oldest son is turning 3 years old. I know I should not be sad but it is hard to realize he is growing up. I really wish I could find the rewind button. I know 3 doesnt seem like a big deal but I am sure most of you have been there. He is doing almost everything on his own now and being so independent. I dont like it. I am really proud of him but I still dont like it. What makes it so hard is in less then 2 months his brother will be turning 2. Where does the time go. It seems like they were born just the other day. Now I am wanting another baby. My husband agrees. I never understood people when there kids got older why it made them want to have more well now i do. Happy Birthday Luke.
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