have to buy again

United States
May 22, 2009 8:14am CST
wanted to see what other people thought of this. in 2006 we bought a brand new washer and dryer. in june of 08 we moved from waco tx to bryan tx. we let his mom use them instead of letting them sit in storage along with our 37 inch tv. the waher & dryer were 1300 for the set and the tv was 300. i had no problem letting her use them, when we were moving our stuff to bryan i asked him when we were going to get them and he informed me that he was just gonna give them to his mom. now i'm without a washer and dryer. i have to start saving for a new set all over again, so i'm back to going to the laundry mat with a 1 yr old, i hate it so much. anyone been to the laundry mat with a 1 yr old (then you know what i talking about). on top of that i found out that in 4 weeks he has sent her 900 dollars, which really isn't that much of a problem to help her out, he emptied our savings to give it to her. i've tried to tell him that it really bothers me that he did all this without talking to me about it first. he thinks i'm mad that he gave her all that, i keep teling him that yes i am a little upset because he didn't bother to talk it over with me, he just did it.
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