Do you believe in lifelong friends?

May 22, 2009 8:35am CST
I have lived in different cities and countries. I have met many great people whom I called friends, were extremely close with (for years in a number of cases), but then as my life changed and I moved on I have tended to leave these friendships behind whilst keeping the fond memories. Therefore I believe friends are transient and not for life. Am I missing something? Do I look at friendship too clinically?
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@Beertjie (977)
• South Africa
22 May 09
It depends from person to person. You have moved around a lot, making good friends, move alog and life goes on. I believe that some of those friends you have had, will still be friends should you meet them again. Some people stay in our lives forever, even though we might not see them for a very long time. I have lifelong friends. Some I see often, others I don't know whether I will ever see them again. What I do know is that if we do see one another again, we will still be friends. I have had experience in this. I was like we were never seperated, we were just as good friends as the last time we saw one another, years ago. Not many things can break a true friendship, and true friendships are hard to find but is everlasting. Blessings
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@rymebristol (1787)
• Philippines
24 May 09
i believe in lifelong friends, actually i have so many friends that i believe would stay longer than my very existence here on Earth. to have a lifelong friend is something that everyone wish for and for those who already found theirs then all you have to do is cherish that person as if he/she is your 2nd persona. my friends have scattered all over the globe but we still find time to communicate with each other from time to time and when they are here in the country for vacation, we hang out with each other. friends whatever the distance or the length of friendship, they are for keeps for a lifetime.
@wendywhy (64)
• United States
23 May 09
I think that it is possible to have lifelong friends, even if you move often. The internet should make this even easier. What is essential though, is a willingness on the part of both people to stay friends forever. Most people say that's what they want when the friendship begins but after complications arise most fall apart. I don't have a life long friend, but I am not too old for one either :0)
• China
22 May 09
i used to believe friendship is ife long but as i coming of age i have experienced so many departures with many treasured friends i found that differnt friends are existing in differnt periods of time.for me i still have a friend that always my best friend, its lucky for me i think
@abanerji (1026)
• India
22 May 09
friends are for life. you don't have friends but aqauintances.among these people there are people who can be trustworthy and who can be your friends for life. you need to recognise these people and you need to keep in touch with them. once you are in their touch and once the bonding becomes strong, it would be easy for you to be friends or life.
• India
22 May 09
Experience with friends would be different for different persons. The situations they come across, is responsible for this. The question of belief does not arrive at all, in the case of friendship. As far as true friendship is considered, everybody knows that it is eternal. Some people consider friendship as temporary or time pass. But it's not like that. Friends are meant for ever. Even though your friends are staying too far from you, your friendship will not be broken unless and until you have good friends.
22 May 09
I think it is possible to have lifelong friends, as long as you dont really move around much. When you move too far away from people most of the time you meet new people and dont bother with the people you once knew. Its just how life goes. Though if you stay in the same place you are always around the people you know and it is much easier to be friends with them for life.