i need advice was i expecting to much?

United States
May 22, 2009 8:38am CST
okay i let a friend move in with me she was a new friend and i didn't know here to well but she had a daughter and was supposedly kicked out of her boyfriends house so my boyfriend and i let her move in with us for a while well i find out all sort of baggage when she gets moved in like oh she just got fired from her job her daughters is actually in IL visiting her dad and he didn't really kick her out he moved her stuff to her own room and said he wanted to break up for awhile but told her she could stay living there so i was P-O-ed i wanted to pack her stuff up then and send here packing but my boyfriend is like at least give her a chance ( he is one of those people who thinks everyone is truly good)so i have a talk with her about the job and stuff we make an agreement that she has 1 week to really honestly look for a job and that she needs to help around my house and play by my rules since it is my house. does that sound mean or you know the B word i need to know if i was to hard on her?
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@marty3888 (2360)
• Acme, Michigan
22 May 09
No, it sounds like she's being mean to you when you get right down to it. She knew about all that before she moved in and shen didn't let you know about it until after she moved in. Also, because of all that, especially no job, if she was able to live with her boyfriend, I don't care what kind of problems they were having, she should have stayed rather than move in with anyone. Besides that, how is she going to work out problems with her boyfriend if she's not there. Sounds like your boyfriend is a little like me. I put up with a lot of stuff with my girlfriend that i believe few other guys would. But this girl sounds immature and cares mostly about herself and little for anyone else.
• United States
22 May 09
well yeah i kicked her out last night because shes been her 12 days and the 2nd day she was her i got a list of job openings together for her and in the next 10 days she put in 2 applications bought 70 dollars worth groceries with her food stamps and did 2 loads of dishes but she had her boyfriend over here eating lunch and cutting his hair with my boyfriends trimmers she laid on my couch watched tv and slept and couldn't even pick up after herself like laundry off the bathroom floor or putting my makeup and curling iron away ( yeah that's right she was using all my stuff)