***How do you persuade someone?

@diamania (7028)
May 22, 2009 8:40am CST
Since I am mostly losing discussions in real life i'd like to know what methods you use to persuade people that you're right.
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• China
3 Mar 10
Hi diamania,I do believe there is particular skill to persuade people but not always valide in doing so,anyway I really prefer to use one way to express my opoinion,to list all the possibilities and the result include the best and the worst.then let the person I want to persuade to choice by himself,it's effective,some will choose to do things with high risk and get high reward in return,you can't control other's mind,just lead way to them for they to walk
• Malaysia
22 May 09
try to slowdown and convince lol, and surely, don't act like you're always right and boast about it, so ... i think to convince some1, u need to be calm and also a trustworthy person, not those who seemed to be a boaster
@wrangel15 (1443)
• Philippines
22 May 09
It's not really easy to persuade people. It's as hard as telling them what to do. But then there's a secret for it. Why not focus on what they think first instead of telling them what you want them to believe. People will consider what you tell them if you show that you care and want them achieve what they want. It will seem like you are with them and not against them. It is better to persuade people by the ones they like than by the things you like.
@chayen (90)
• Philippines
22 May 09
Hello diamania, I thing it depends to who am i going to convince that i am right , if you are talking about my boss. Than OMG , he is really hard to persuade. But if you are talking about my friends, I'll just give them something that they want, And they are falling in my trick. Thanks for posting this.