One minute treatment for all sickness!

@alpha7 (1910)
May 22, 2009 11:19am CST
What would you think when someone comes out to say he's got the solution to all sicknesses including all incurable disease? I have such here with me, and testimonies from people who had used this method,give your own contributions please, and if you need more information about this,just send me a message.
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@Wizzywig (7858)
22 May 09
I'm afraid I would be cynical and assume that person was trying to make money by playing on vulnerable people's emotions. If someone had such a solution, I think it would be morally wrong for him/her not to share it freely with the medical profession. (Possibly not the response you hoped for but I am giving an honest opinion)
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@alpha7 (1910)
• France
23 May 09
Thanks for your contribution,actually i read that the therapy had been given the a test to some extent before the association responsible for research and medical issues stopped them for reasons not clare to them,but some doctors do treat their patients with the therapy and i had that it works,i was just trying to see if there is someone that can exchange experience with me about oxygen,ozone and hydrogen peroxide and disease treatment. Anyway,thanks lot.