Refuse to compare yourself with anyone

May 22, 2009 7:20pm CST
Avoid comparing yourself with other people. On the one hand,comparisons breed discontentment and on the other,a false sence of superiority. Both hinder u from developing a realistic self-image. When u compare yourself with others,typically u think of some people who are superior to u and others who are inferior. Then u feel bad because u're not as good as the one group but cheer up because u're better than the other. Since the overall result is to leave u feeling inadequate,u'd save a lot of effort if u skipped the intermediate steps and simply felt bad to begin with. This kind of comparison is never valid anyway because u,like every other human being on this planet,are unique,with individual strenghs,weaknesses,talents,and abilities. your heredity,background,life experiences,and understanding combine to make u different from everyone else. This is neither good or bad: it's just a fact.
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