Do you think the CW did the right thing by cancelling Privileged?

United States
May 22, 2009 7:33pm CST
Absolutely NOT. I love that show and I especially love JG. I wish that another network would see its potential and pick it up. I have vowed to stop watching the CW, because of this cancellation and the cancellation of The Game. The only thing left for me to watch on that network is ANTM and One Tree Hill. I'll have to really think about if I want to watch a network that cancels most of its quality tv shows.
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• United States
23 May 09
I enjoyed Privileged, and am sad to hear it has been cancelled. I only watch Supernatural on that chanel and my guess would be that there are only one or two seasons left of it. I think that the problem that Privileged had was what it was up against, I cannot remember the shows that were on because I had class that night but I remember all my class mates being upset about the shows they were missing on other channels.
• United States
23 May 09
You may be right about the competition it was up against, but I think the CW could have brought it back for another season, and put it in a different time slot.
• Philippines
27 Jun 10
i feel too bad for this tv show..i'm actually liking it because of the way the characters are expressing themselves and the lessons that teens can definitely learn from watching this show like honesty, have and have-nots, etc. CW normally stops a good tv show. Why can't they give these quality tv series atleast a second chance to prove that they can be like any other tv series?