Public Service Personnel Misuse?

United States
May 22, 2009 9:03pm CST
A friend and I were talking today, and he said one of the things that most aggrevated him was the misuse of the vehicles that people in public service use (i.e. sheriff's cars, DHS vehicles, police cars, ambulances, etc.) Please DO NOT think I am passing judgment here, because these are some of the bravest, mose giving people around, but I did promise my friend I would "pole" the readers here at myLot and get some thoughts and opinions on this. So, here goes: What do you think about people who are in public service using the vehicles their agency assigns them for personal reasons, like taking the kids to school, going to the grocery store or to the post office, etc.? My friend says "it's a waste of our tax dollars!" Let me hear from you, okay? I'd be especially interested in hearing from the public personnel to get their views as well as us "regular" people. Thanks for your help!
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@bjcyrix (6907)
• Philippines
24 May 09
These kinds of things really just makes me 'sigh'. Ive seen it, am seeing it, will still see it in the future. Some people are just too opportunistic that they sometimes dont realized they're already squandering away other people's/the public's property thinking that its just an innocent trip or borrowing a public service car because the family needs to fetch the kids or something. They also think that they're just 'borrowing' it and would return it safe and sound. Good thing if the gas and maintenance or expenses that comes with it are put on their personal tab but I think that these things are still put on the tax payer's tab.tsk3 Its just the way things are. One cant change things just because he wills it to. Something in this nature has to be a community effort. So all I can do is just ..sigh..
@mizandhk (156)
• Bangladesh
23 May 09
I agree with you. Many government official use their office vehicle in their personal use. Not only their own use, but also relatives use also. Its waste government property as well as public properties. Because, we people pay tax to government. Sometimes they use in their very need this is also wrong but we accept this sometimes. But we can't tolerate any more when they misuse it. I am agree with author, and additionally I want add this, a punitive measure should be take...
• India
23 May 09
I agree with you , many of the people who are in government service try to misuse their provided facility . I have seen many police officers specially our political leaders use their cars for family use and use it to go market , bring their children home from school . Also they make use of the driver provided to do his driving work for personnel use.