for falling in love, is it important to be the friends first....???

friendship - is it important...???
@MANSHAA (324)
May 23, 2009 5:01am CST
it is said that its important to be friends first....becasue we share our thoughts with them...friendship lays a barriers or red carpet in lying of long term relationship for love....friendship can be strong foundation for a healthy relationship to fall in love...
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@justmeh (189)
• Philippines
23 May 09
Yes that should be the proper steps but nowadays I don't think it's still like that. Even in texting within just a few hours of texting you can already be lovers so you see?But if I would have to chose I'd still pick the one that you both should be friends first cause in that way you could gain each other's trust and respect.
@angelsmummy (1700)
23 May 09
I think its important to be friends with somebody before you fall in love with them as it builds the foundation on having a healthy relationship! Its great to know the person you are in love with and you will find that after being friends with them you know them in a different way than if you are just lovers!! =D