I have problems loading pick jack!!!

@marguicha (171555)
May 23, 2009 10:48am CST
Do you have problems with pickjack loading? I haven´t been able to log in since yesterday. You you know what´s the matter? I was doing very well there until suddenly I couldn´t reach it anymore. Please, tell me if you know, what´s going on.
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27 May 09
Pickjack are in the process of making changes to the site and when this happens it can be difficult to get on the site. Don't worry it will be sorted soon. -successfuel :)
@marguicha (171555)
• Chile
29 Sep 09
You were right. The site made changes and now its´working different and better.
@diansinta (7549)
• Indonesia
1 Jun 09
My dear marquicha, i think we instal something when viewing pickjack the gadget is stop us viewing the site every a couple post or punch one some button..I don't know, the fact is i post 6 questions and they still reduce my earning.
• India
27 May 09
Hi, I have stopped working in pickjack as there are not transparent in their dealings. Moreover there is no fixed guidline like in mylot or other sites telling us how much we would earn for working on the site. They are also lazy as per what I feel cause their say that they update the member earnings every six hours but it does not happen. So I have finally called it quits for pickjack. Larry Nicholas ==============
• United States
26 May 09
Hi marguicha...I don't know what the problem would be that you are having. Usually when I have trouble getting into a site I refresh my computer and then I can normally get into the site I am trying. I am not real familiar with this site. What do you do to earn money on it? flutterby