Find a friend from high school, and they don't remember you??

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May 23, 2009 4:10pm CST
I have been thinking of one of my ex boyfriends from highschool a lot lately. He was and is the best boyfriend I have ever had. He was generally mean to everybody, but not to me. We dated in 10th grade, I made the stupid decision to cheat on him. I went to him the next day and told him. I told him that he deserved better than me etc. He refused, he said that we would work it out, and that it wasn't fair for me to make the decision for him to find somebody new. He was a good boyfriend, needless to say none of my boyfriends lasted lon in highschool. He never approved of the byfriends after him,and always had something so say about them. Still nothing bad about me. We graduated in 05 so only 4 years or so ago......When I found him, I was surprised to find that he said he didn't remember me. I am not sure why, maybe he has blocked me from his memory, I wasn't as important as I thought to him, or he is just saying that he doesn't remember me. How would you handle this? Has this every happened to you? Do you not remember any of friends or boyfriends from high school??
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23 May 09
Oh that's a sham I know that I don't remember my friends from school, not even there names. It's wired I can see there faces of some but there names have left me you would think after all that time in school someone would stick in your head but no not even my teachers names. What I remember however are the things that they did these I still remember so they r not totally forgotten.
• United States
24 May 09
But how long have you been out of school?? and do you live in the same community you went to shcool in? Where we live is a very small town, you always see people you went to school with on daily basis. I recognize for the most part everybody I went to school with. I may not remember their names, but I remember their faces.
@fwangaa (3058)
• China
23 May 09
i think at high school was so young that no love around me. that's not true if that time have love. i haven't met love in high school. i was so busy for my study work. and the teacher don't allowed us to have love with girl.
• United States
23 May 09
It doesn't have to be love. Everybody in highschool says they are in love. But I am meaning, even if he wasn't a boyfriend. We were friends for three years, and he didn't remember me. I remember him havin so many issues about the guys I dated, now he can't even remember my name. lol