How do you know that the file you are downloading is free from harm to your pc?

@gangis (241)
May 23, 2009 8:15pm CST
Before, i used to download different files from the net esp songs, and video. I download some applications and programs too for the sake my system stability. But one time, I experienced hassle in my pc. A particular virus that corrupted the system of my pc. So the best way to do is reformat my hard disk. From that moment, I refrain from downloading any files from the net. I just copy some files to my friend to ensure that my pc will be safe from harmful attacks again. Do you experience that too? What can you say about it? Thanks
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@fergus (817)
• Ireland
24 May 09
Hi when i download something i do a security scan on it before i open it that way i get no suprizes when i open it all the best.
@kryzell (921)
• Philippines
25 May 09
How do you do a security scan? I'd love to know how this is done, to protect my laptop as I am a frequent internet user.