Have you ever took a choice that changed the path of your life ?

@YazEid (1139)
May 24, 2009 10:54am CST
After I finished my high school my father wanted me to study engineering, but I insisted on studying medicine , it was the choice that totally changed my life , changed the people I meet , the way I should live For me , I think it was the best choice I've ever taken , I don't regret it and am sure that i will never do tell me about your experiences , do you regret your choice ?
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• Malaysia
24 May 09
i found my girlfren on ym n she changed me alot..=)
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@biman_s (1060)
• India
24 May 09
My fater wanted me to a Policeman but I told him that I wanted to be a computer engineer. Now I am studying computer science and its going the way I expected it to go. I know that this choice really reflected what I am and what I love.
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@sandymay48 (2031)
• Canada
24 May 09
Hi YazEid...yes i have taken a choice that totally changed my life. When I was only 17 years old, I decided to leave home and visit family that lived halfway across the country from me, about 1200 miles away. I ended up staying and getting married at 17 years old because I thought I wanted to. I thought I was grown up and thats what I wanted to do. I led a nightmare of a life for the next 17 years. Now I am happily married, and did return to school when I was in my 30s and rid of that first evil husband. I missed most of the best years of my life though.
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