Which email to submit to get paypal money.

@nzalheart (2339)
May 24, 2009 12:29pm CST
Well my paypal account was initially made with the google mail. But when I logged on to the google mail after some months, it didn't accept the password. I couldn't retrieve it anyway. But I had made the password different in paypal mail, though its user name is the above google mail. So from the paypal profile, I changed my primary notification email and stopped the notification to the google mail. Because I am afraid that my google mail was hacked. So now the question is while submitting the paypal account here in mylot, which one I have to submit. The username of paypal or the notification email of paypal. I have never made transaction in the paypal account yet, so this is the query of mine and I don't want to loose my earning gained with hard working here on mylot. Thanks in advance for the response...
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