Don't you feel like that you are not so smart?

United States
May 24, 2009 1:31pm CST
Whenever you compare yourself to other people, such as your co -workers, a friend of yours. They got a better job than you; and they have a bigger saving account than you have. You might felt like that you are not so smart like them. Under this situation, you just have a low self - esteem. By improving it, you have to make a firm, unbrokable decision to yourself. You must doing better to yourself. At least, you have to try to strive to toward your goal. Then, you might gain you self - esteem once again.
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• Philippines
5 Dec 09
Hi. I don't really compare myself to others. But there are times that I really feel that I'm not smart due to lack of self-confidence. I would put a limit to what I can do just because I'm afraid of failing...I'm afraid to disappoint the people around me.
• Philippines
5 Dec 09
I don't really get affected or think of myself as less smart,but I do get self-esteem becomes low when I hear of someone who is very successful at a young age.I get jealous of people who earned their millions at 21 or 22.when that happens,I just tell myself that it will come to me.I just daydream and picture myself as a rich woman,driving a red Corvette and on her way to business meeting with business partners.
@thea09 (18316)
• Greece
22 Aug 09
This is not good for you at all dear to think these jealous thoughts. If these people are making you feel that you are not as smart as them you must point out their bad things to them and this will make you feel better. You tell them that their clothes is bad and then they will not feel smarter because they will feel bad for wearing the wrong clothes, and you will feel better.
@dodo19 (40760)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
3 Jun 09
Comparing myself to others is not something that I do. I know that there are somethings that my co-workers, classmates, teachers, and such may know and I don't. But it doesn't really matter, because there may be somethings that I know that they may not know. It doesn't really matter who knows more. In the end, we might learn something from each other.
@med889 (5953)
3 Jun 09
I know who I am and where I come from so I never compared neither myself with anyone nor someone else with other person. However when it comes to work in the office we do have an atmosphere of competition where we have to work better than the other one to get more projects but still all we have to do is to work harder on it and gain our goal. To have confident on oneself is a big thing to do to be able to stand firm on the ground and we learn many things when we are confident on our capabilities. We are unique and everyone has a talent here, we are equal so no need to make comparison with some body else. I respect myself and I know I will succeed but if only I have confidence and moving in the right direction.
@ryzach (1546)
• United States
25 May 09
I try not to compare myself to others as my own situation will be different from other people. I only have 2 years of college actually a little less and did not get associates degree. I think of myself as a smart person but not necessarily a formally educated person. I am quick to figure things out and have a lot of common sense. If I had had a better education I probably would be better off financially but would not have taken the path that I did where I met my husband and the friends I have. In my job now I work with alot of younger people and they are much more efficient on the PC's than I am and a bit more knowledgeable than me but I keep up pretty good. As far as not having as much as others like things or money, I just do my best to get the things my family needs and we have a few extras, and we are grateful we have each other, and the things we do have right now and working on our future goals but can only achieve then with positive thinking and high self esteem.