What happens when you die?

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@mikeley (321)
May 24, 2009 4:09pm CST
Hey mylotters:) Sorry for such a morbid post but do you ever wonder whats beyond the light at the end of the tunnel? My theory is when we die were maybe reincarnated as someone else and my reason for thinking this is you get people who claim they have seen themselves in a previous life like in a dream or a vision. If this were true i would love to find out who and what i was like in a previous life:) Whats your theory of what happens when we die? Mikey
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• Finland
24 May 09
It is difficult to answer.Some religious people say that we may go to heaven or hell depending what we have done during our lifetime.If good works were done then heaven if not then hell.But actually no body knows what happens.
@italysmom (308)
• United States
24 May 09
I am not sure yet what to believe, as a child I was taught to believe we go to Heaven as soon as we die. Then when I got married, his family believed that you just kind of hung out in limbo until the coming of Christ. Now my Grandma has started watching Silvia, and believes that we all have a number of lives to channel through. I am a little confussed, because who hasnt had the feeling that you have been somewhere... when you had never been there, that to me could only be because you had infact in another life. But then, the thought of being in limbo is horrifing to me, so that is completely not in my thoughts of reality. Then the thought of going straight to heaven, that sounds nice!.. but. I pretty much believe that we might have a different set of lives to go through.. or at least until we "get" the big picture and then get to retire to heaven. :-)