Earning plateform : MYLOT.COM

@AB_Singh (132)
May 25, 2009 12:58am CST
We know world is passing through economical crisis. How much we are literate it doesn't matter and has no value unless we have some source of power or relatives in the good position. So, it's very hard to only get a chance to perform at least to show, yes I can do this much. But here in mylot it's the open plateform and equl oppertunity for every body with few ideas about intenet, and knowledge for simple english. Where people with no qualification and experiences can also have similar oppertunity to perform, and earn. To earn killing your manner is not good. So I request all members to please post the events that's happened in real life, which your problem, you support and disgust about, so people may have more interest to responce you, So people won't think killing time for responding your post. People need to think that you are in real need of responce, coz you are in problem and their idea, suggestions, opinions, stories, experiences as well may become in their favour. So, with no qualification and experiences if we can earn then it is the plateform provided by MYLOT.COM. lets utilize it. Earn without moving out thorough rush traffic, under hot sun, struggling dust, smoke and noise, making and being worry everytime of current affairs. Stay in room and keep touch to the world and credit your bank account. Just arising questions don't mean you will get responce, but by sharing your ideas, experiences also helps you to gather more responce for the same. What do you people think about my ideas. AB_Singh
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