Do you drive cars?

@cudamani (996)
May 25, 2009 2:33am CST
I cannot drive cars though I am interested in learning car driving. How long it will take to learn car driving successfully? Is it a tough learning? Or an easy one? What should be taken care of while driving a car? Will we get confidence after learning car driving especially to drive the car in a heavy traffic?
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@Beertjie (977)
• South Africa
25 May 09
While still at school I used to just sit in my dad's car and play with the gears, clutch, accelerator. I just acted like I was driving but withou the engine running. I did that a couple of times just to get to know the car. Then I started the car in the mornings for my mom so it can warm up while she was getting ready for work. Then I just started to turn the car around in the yard so she does not have to reverse out. That was how I got confidence in driving. Soon it was more than just starting the car and turning it around, it started driving around the block. Before I knew it, I was driving to the shop for my mom. I was still at school and had no licence. It is not that dificult. Just take your time and get familiar with the car and get comfortable with it. Before you know it you will be driving as if there is nothing to it. It becomes second nature. Happy driving.
@vivianchen (2646)
• China
25 May 09
Hi Cudamani, Learning how to drive a car is so easy. It takes me 10 minutes to learn how to drive. But it take me 6 months to get a driver license. And until now, even though i can drive, but i don't drive often, because i am scare of the traffic. If there is too many cars on the road, i am scare. I can't park my car with a short time, it takes me very long time to part my car properly. That's very embarrassed. lol
@abcnadz (460)
• India
25 May 09
hello dear. i am 18 and i drive my car. it's very easy to learn to drive a car and not as difficult as i seems to be. i learned driving within 2 weeks time. if you have an interest in it then you'll learn it easily. i learned for the first two days in a road with no traffic. then i jumped to one with nice heavy traffic in the city but for this you need someone who knows driving with you. and aviod distractions and don't let your mind wander while driving especially in those signal areas. you should have full concentration ... happy driving and good luck
@Colmuc (708)
25 May 09
hi cudamani, confidence is the key to success in learning to drive. The technique of driving is easy to learn but if you do not gain confidence it can be very stressful. I was lucky in that I learned to drive when I was 8 years old. To me it was fun and also a great privilege to be driving so young although to begin with I was driving tractors in fields and not on public roads. When I graduated to a car and on to public roads I was already very confident. I wish you good luck and success in your driving.
@lcainiao (201)
• China
25 May 09
Nowadays, you will only spend 1 month for learn driving and get the driving licence. It's very fast now. The driving teachers just teach you how to driving it i.e. the driving operation, they wouldn't give you enough time for handle it. So, you need a car of your own and do more exercises. Don't drive car on high speed way before you've been driven it more than 1 year. You'd better drive the manual-car for improve your driving-skills.
@lupin0302 (137)
• Philippines
25 May 09
yes i drive my own car, learning how to drive a car is not as hard as it looks and it is not that easy niether, if you are really interested in driving you can learn it in a day or two of continous driving but you can never stop learning eventhough you already a professional driver you may still learn and acquire new skills when it comes to driving. you should always be alert while driving be defensive always think that everyone around you is stupid driver so you better be on the look out always, never drink and drive. sometimes when we drink a little we think that we can still drive yes we can but your reflexes will not be on 100 percent. in a heavy traffic just stay on your line changing line may contribute more to the traffic and sometimes accidents happen because we are not patience enough to stay in our line. one more tip in driving always keep your coolness and learn how to be patience.