How many of u believe that Animal planet Channel also helps in educating?

May 25, 2009 5:35am CST
I believe that animal planet channel is very useful to know more information about animals, pets, etc. They telecast different types of animals. They show, How they wander around in the forest, how they act when they find different things and animals around the place they live, Their behaviour, Their love towards some animals and enemity towards some, The way they look their newly born ones. It is really a tough task to record and capture all these going to forest especially while shooting the animals like lion, tiger, etc. It is a very great risk to do such a job. I really appreciate them and should be thankful even. how many of you believe in it?
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• Philippines
9 Jul 09
i believe that it is very educational. It's not everyday that you could get to other countries and explore the animals behavior and it's specie. i really love the show and it enhances my knowledge!
@beamsey (425)
• Philippines
25 May 09
I think Animal Planet is very educational. I still watch it whenever I can. It's great how they film animals in their natural habitat.It offers so much information that you normally wouldn't read because they come off as boring. Kids could learn a lot about animals even if they don't listen to what the narrator says about the animals in the show. Children can see where these animals live, what they eat, how they catch their prey, etc.