How to make money with squidoo

May 25, 2009 10:17am CST
Hey guys, I just joined Squidoo today. Could anyone tell me what i have to do to make money on the site.....
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• United States
29 May 09
Make sure that you have a paypal account where you can get money from squidoo. Then make sure your earnings are set to cash so that you get the money. That should be located in the profile section of your dashboard. Also make sure you set the minimum to $1 so that you get paid as soon as possible. Payments usually take 2 or 3 months if you rank well. Tier 1: Lenses ranked 1-2,2000 get around $10 or more. Tier 2: Lenses ranked around 2,001-8,000 get around $2. Sometimes its less than $2 Tier 3: Lenses ranked around 8,001-85,000 gets around 8 cents. Not all lenses get ranked well so you have to work hard to make money through them, but its possible. I did make money through them right away.
• India
29 May 09
Thanks for the response. I think i'll try my hand at making a lens too.
• United States
29 May 09
The key to making money through them is writing about subjects that interest you and having a lot of lenses. It does take time to learn the system as there really is a lot to learn. I have 87 lenses right now and that keeps growing.
@KitchenK (39)
• Australia
25 May 09
Hmm, think of it like an encyclopedia, and sort of like Wikipedia. You make pages aka 'lenses', contained with information. I'd suggest googling it for more information, I'm thinking of joining Squidoo for the hell of it. And considering it's got 'oo' in it, it will probably be a success. I'd use the wizard on the site to get started, read around and once you feel more comfortable with the sites functions, go for gold.