At what age did you learn to drive? How does it feel to learn how to drive

@gicarlo (131)
May 25, 2009 10:55am CST
Hi there. Can you drive? A car? a motor? At what age did you learn to drive? How does it feel? Here in my place, i learned how to drive a car when i was 15. I think I was just 3rd year high school. It feels great. Why? because no one is driving here at that age. Though I cannot drive around the city, at least people see me drive around our subdivision. Ain't that cool? ^_^
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• Malaysia
23 Jun 09
i learned how to drive a car when i was 17. although i know how to drive i dont really fancy driving that much..i prefer to be the passenger whenever possible hehe
@ebook_freak (1511)
• India
1 Jun 09
Yes, that is cool. And I hope you are having a good time driving around! And I learned driving when I was 16 years old. I live in India, and the legal age to drive here is 18. I actually felt great- processing a skill that many dreamt of. But unlike you, I couldn't make any reputation out of it. My school was at the center of the town and Police station was merely 500 meters from my home. I learned driving from my Uncle's home- on an old Royal Enfield Bullet- the experience was quite thrilling. The weight was the most problematic... in fact it is the heaviest bike in India(I am not sure). Now that I am 18+, I don't have any trouble in Driving! Regards, Ajith.
@jinrob (67)
• Philippines
26 May 09
I learned to drive when I was 22 years old,, that was during my worked in saudi arabia,, It's a must for me since I worked in a car work shop then.. yes I feel good too,, nad I'm very excited to drive,, now I'm 49 y/o and enjoying to drive in a long distance here in the philippines.
@thaMARKER (2505)
• Philippines
25 May 09
i was 21 or 22 i guess. but i don't drive now just to clarify. i just get to drive a four-wheel at that age. i praticed a couple of times using my sister's car and her driver and my brother taught me how to drive.
@alvingb (265)
• Singapore
25 May 09
hi there, well it is only legal in the country i came from to drive at the age of eighteen. therefore it was only at the age of eighteen i learnt how to drive and got my driving licenses then. well but i can still remember it was so cool. i was so excited and all i wanted to do was just drive and drive. I can still remeber that feeling. i was always looking for opportunity to drive. well i would just wake up early in the morning just to send my brother to school at about six in the morning. i didnt mind not eating break fast or lunch the only thing i was interested in was driving. it was such a cool and unforgetble experience. best regards, alvingb
@Baltek (261)
• Canada
25 May 09
I learned at 18, and always thought I should have gotten my driver's licence when I was 16, I would have been 2 years earlier without being forced to ask mom and dad to drive me to my girlfriend's house.