Making money by Sports

@marcyyyy (519)
United States
May 25, 2009 12:45pm CST
Hi everyone! I am in the making money subject today, but not about us making money. It bothers me how much the sports stars make in their jobs. Baseball, football, hockey, basketball, etc....there is entirely too much paid to these guys. It also bothers me that some of them shop around for teams to actually get paid MORE money!! Don't they ever have enough? If you're like me, we need to do our best each day to pay our bills and live they really need that big money, and bigger houses?? NO!!! Not in my opinion!! What do you think?? Or am I just complaining?
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@pyarebhai (199)
• India
25 May 09
Dear one, Greetings every one. If I may kindly be forgiven, I wish to put few lines for kind consideration. I first of all agree with the comment of marcyyyy(83).No he is not complaining.but he is putting fact, which some time hurt some body. But you may aware of that the sports are to be played for the sake (in the spirit) of sports not for money, but to a player, if he entirely engauged with sport (baseball, football, hockey, basketball,cricket etc), that the player won't have time to look after with his own family, which is dependent on him,there must be some organisation or a set of people who love to feed the sport-star family, at least to pay bill, feeding the family who depend on him, a shelter to hide their head during the night or day time.This also need deep insight and to be pondered. with a view to help the sport star and his depending family needs, who in turn sacrifies some of his time and energy for the sake of the sport it self. the issue may also be considered to be sympathically, after the sports stars prime period, his life also be going on. Seasons greetings and all the best wishes to you all for your hights good.
@marcyyyy (519)
• United States
25 May 09
Thank you for responding...oh, and by the way I am a she!!! That's okay. I do understand that a sports star career may be short, however, with the money they make in one season, I could live onn the rest of my life!!!! Most people will never see that money, and they also have families who need food, shelter, clothing, etc. I'm just thinking of all the people who have nothing...while some, like them, have way too much. I just believe that no one deserves to get paid that much money. Have a great Day!!