Why are children used as wild cards, for parents to get what they want?

United States
May 26, 2009 1:33am CST
A couple finds out they are pregnant, they are either overjoyed, or over stressed with the news.. After the child is born things seem to be ok, but there is a lot more stress on the relationship... Sometimes the relationship can not survive.. Then the child is put into the middle, regardless of how many procautious have been taken to keep the child out of the problem between the parents.. Then each of them going their separate ways; moving on with life.. Things are fine until one or both of them have new partners.. Then their are issues like when the child should be here or there. Who has more say in what the child can and can not do... where the child will live, and how often the other parent will see the child... Games are played between the parents to "get back" or make the other parent pay for their own miserories... Children are the ones to suffer in the end.. How hard is it to put all emotions about the other parent aside, so the CHILD can have a LIFE with BOTH parents? (granted there are some sitations where one parent is abusive, lets just say in this situation there is no abuse) Why are children's needs so easily pushed ASIDE to get back at the other parent? Is it that hard to get along for the sake of the child? Face it, there are two parents for the child, and the child would feel lost without both.. What are your feelings on this???
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@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
26 May 09
Kids should never be used in this way, I don't think that the parents that do this know what harm they could be doing to their children..children need to feel secure even in a broken marriage it can be done, any negatives betwwwn the parent should not be displayed in any way in front of the children, if parent really love and care for their children they would make sure that their own feeling are not put upon the innocent child so they can grow up as healthy in the mind as possible, this is one thing parents owe to their children.