Same Clothes Today With Your Enemy

@utiwow (13)
May 26, 2009 3:36am CST
Do you feel uncomfortable while you found that your enemy in work is wearing exactly the same like your clothes today? Same color, same style, even the brand ... top to toe ... It's just your hairstyle that made the difference ...
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• Philippines
6 Jun 09
fortunately,my one and only enemy named Zarah Intia doesn't have fashion sense.she dresses quite dowdy.she's a plump,petite girl who chooses wrong clothes.I used to curl my hair,and later I found out she also curled hers.I'll be mean,it doesn't look good on her.A lot of people think I look good with curled hair,including male colleagues.hah!I think it's unlikely that we'll have same clothes.I'm fab;she's not.
• United States
26 May 09
Having an enemy takes to much time and effort so I would not care. What it would make me think about is even though we dislike eachother we obviously have something in common because who is going to go out and waste money on something they do not even like just to annoy someone else. I think that if this happened to you it is possible that the discomfort that you felt was in realizing that you were hating someone that is like you in ways you didn;t realize. HMMM something to think about.