For Jordan , For My Son, My Best Mate...I love You Son....

New Zealand
May 26, 2009 3:46am CST
Most of you in Mylot land don't know me... The majority of my posts have been about such inconsequential things that make above everything.... no sense... tonight ... it stops. Jordan, my beautiful 12 year old son was taken from us as he was struck by a car travelling the other direction after Jordan had exited the school bus. Mercifully death was instaneous, but as his Mum , Sister and younger Brother had to witness the whole scenario, I as Jorz's Dad have to appeal to ALL of you that read this post. I am aware through a New Zealand contact who is American, of the laws surrounding school buses and cars or vehicles around said buses at time of uplift or discharge. It is my wish , that this law become NEW ZEALAND LAW, if the car that hit Jorz gad been doing for example the NZ limit for passing a school bus (ie: 20 kph) then I would perhaps be having this conversation with my son at Waikato Hospital whilst he was in plaster nursing perhaps a broken arm....not the case I'm afraid. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SLOW DOWN, when it comes to kids and buses, SLOW DOWN when it comes to kids and school fact when it comes to kids...SLOW DOWN! PERIOD! The absolute hell we are going through as parents, let alone the hell my sons sis and brother are going through, is some thing that I could not wish on my worst enemy, to ALL you parents out there...WATCH CARE and above all else PROTECT your kids,they need us....just as WE need THEM Kia Kaha Jordan.... I will Love You ALWAYS! All My Love....Your Dad XXXOOOXXX
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