I want to buy a new PC who can give me some advice?

@youetme (351)
May 26, 2009 6:21am CST
Recently I find out my old PC dosen't work well like before . So I want to buy new one that can work smoothly I can complete plenty items . Because I always some softfiles including MATLAB or PROTELL OR C ,these files ocuppy large resources of the CPU when they are carried out ,so my old PC goes very slowly like a cow . I can't stand the speed any more .But I don't know which PC is good for me . who can tell me ? thanks !
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@Vladilyich1 (1454)
• Canada
29 May 09
The best PC for you is the least expensive you can find with more memory and a faster processor than the one you currently have. Any PC will be obsolete when you purchase it. There's always a newer (more expensive) model that's just been released. I just bought a new (refurbished) PC that runs circles around what I had. It's about a 2-year-old model, but the factory makes certain that it runs like new. I paid under $200 for it.
@animestan (321)
• Canada
27 May 09
depends what you are using the pc for and how much you are willing to spend. For $1000 you can get a quad core, 750GB, geforce 9800 GTX, just get the rest of the stuff cheaper.
@gongchhua (272)
• China
26 May 09
My PC is DELL. I have it for more than 2 years. I feel the speed is very quick when I run a few sofewares. The quality of DELL computer is good.
• United States
26 May 09
There is actually a rather new brand on the market that is a great runing machine. It is the Acer brand. I purchased a laptop from the Acer company at Walmart for around $400. I have been very satisfied with the features and the fact the price was perfect. My neice got a netbook which was a bit small but still only $268 at Walmart. They also make PC's. I had to call customer support over an adapter and they easily fixed it right over the phone in less than 2 minutes. I would definatly recommend this brand computer to you.