Love or Various Levels of Hate - all a matter of prospective.

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May 26, 2009 10:29am CST
I've come to the conclusion that everything is just a matter of prospective. What do you guys think? If a person were to view the world thinking there is no love just many various levels of hate, what would that person be like? Hitler didn't know he was bad, he was right but all his choices- IN HIS EYES. You grow up with ideals and morals to dictate your choices, society steps in and also tell what is right and wrong. Everything being a matter of prospective, but in whose eyes? You follow what's popular in society, if you had lived in Germany would you had followed Hitler? His dictation would have told you what was acceptable and unacceptable; it's what some parents taught so if you were that child would it be just? Many people follow the bible for what they think is right, they all translate things to their own liking of course, same concept all around - so the bible tells you what's right? Back to the original question - if a child was only exposed to hate how would he know what was love. Wouldn't he only see various levels of hate Would what I think of hate be love to him? If not what would be love to him? It's all a matter of prospective. I know Thomas More's Utopia's idea is thrown in there somewhere, I just can't tell where it morphed. And by hateful acts I mean - beating your loved one, various levels of spitefulness, various acts of murder, most of what society today considers unlawful. Surprised? Yes, I am aware there are some laws still in effect in some states that are ridiculous, but when they made them back when, where they? Again all a matter of prospective, right?
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@lilaclady (28227)
• Australia
27 May 09
Interesting discussion, well I believe we are all born with an inner voice, I believe it guides us and prods us to do the right thing but we then have influences from parents, teachers, church and even friends, I guess this is why I believe babies and children should be brought up by their parents in their younger years not play groups or baby sitters, I believe these years are very important in a childs life...I also think there is way too much influence from religions coming from books that we don't even know who actually wrote them and so much is being found to be untrue but still me let them preach to us...I think that the inner voicde that we somrtimes call conscience or even the argument of right and wrong or even guilt is a much bigger element to our being than we are lead to believe...but then I will be honest I am not a religious person.
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27 May 09
I absolutly love that you bring up conscienceness, I myself believing that it guilds us whether we are aware of it or not. I also think that some people are more conscience then others. Thank you for your post.