1 week left to live

May 26, 2009 10:49am CST
What if one day a doctor/someone told you that you only have a week left to live. What would you do? How will you live the last days of your life? Will you tell your parents or friends about it?? ***I guess if someone told me that I would only have a week left to live i would try my best to live my life normally but BETTER and I wont tell my family/friends about it too...(i know its kinda selfish but that's the way i like it). I mean of course if you would tell those people who are important to you that you're about to die a lot of things would surely change and that could affect how you would like too spend your life. So, i guess i would just live like nothing happened and try to do all the things i would like to do and then on the very last day i would give something special to each and everyone of them so that they would still remember me even though im gone.***
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@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
26 May 09
That is a sad thing to think about. I hate the thought of ever leaving my family. I probably would spend the week getting things in order for my family. I would spend as much time with my kids as I could so that they had good memories of me for the rest of their lives. I probably wouldn't tell anyone else though. And not out of being selfish, out of my love for them. I wouldn't want everyone to be sad for the whole week and just waiting for the worst to happen.
• Philippines
26 May 09
Yes it is such a sad thing to think about. I totally agree to what you said