what if ... it was your last day on earth

United States
May 26, 2009 12:41pm CST
my science teacher in highschool done these for a thought for the day. he didn't really grade them per say. he just used it as a writing assignment. so here's one. what if...... it was your last day on earth, and you had done everything on your list who would be the one person on this earth that you would want to be with when it was time for the world to end. now, keep in mind that you've created a list of things you've always wanted to do and you've done everything on the list---money is no object. who would you see that inspired you the most throughout your journey of life so that person would know how important they were to you.
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@snowcat46 (2322)
• United States
26 May 09
My husband. He's my best friend and my rock. He's kept me sane when I just wanted to jump off a cliff and scream at the world. He's given me hope, when I thought all the world was only out for itself. When the world ends, when that final day is here, I want to go out hand in hand with him.
@imsilver (1667)
• Canada
26 May 09
There is no way I could limit it to just one person. I'd like to spend the morning having coffee with all my "sista-chicks". Nothing special just our everyday coffee and giggles. I'd make it clear to them how much they've meant to me and that THEY made my life doable. Then the rest of the day would be dedicated to my 3 children. I want their last memories of me to be happy and loving. I'd be sure to let them know that even if I die my love for them never will.